Hyeon Joo Park

Founder & Global Strategy Officer

Hyeon Joo Park is the founder and Global Strategy Officer (GSO) of the Mirae Asset Financial Group. His leadership and entrepreneurial spirit has been the driving force behind the global rise of Mirae Asset, where he has spearheaded continuous change as a permanent innovator.

Hyeon Joo Park has focused on the role of GSO since 2018, embarking on a mission to grow and evolve Mirae Asset’s global platform. His transition to GSO ushered in an institutionalized management model, the engine of the group’s success worldwide. This model equips Mirae Asset’s teams around the world with the leadership that fulfills the founder’s spirit of entrepreneurship.

Mirae Asset 20th Anniversary
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Journey Since 1997

Journey Since 1997

1997Founded Mirae Asset Capital
1997Founded Mirae Asset Investment
1999Founded Mirae Asset Securities
2001Appointed as The Chairman of Mirae Asset
2002Completed Harvard Business School CEO course
2015Received Best Mega Sized Company award
Founding Principles
Mirae Asset was established based on unique founding principles, with a vision of creating value for clients and society as a whole.
Eye for the future
Our investment approach is based on a unique, forward-looking investment philosophy.
Permanent Innovator
It is our commitment to permanent innovation that has allowed us to become the leading financial investment group in Korea.
Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation
With a culture that embraces warm capitalism, we promise to serve the citizenry by returning to society.